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objet Flapper head, Lea Stein design Small comb by Lea Stein, famous designer in Paris in the 60s-70s. This flapper head is known as "Sauvage." See Judith Just's book, 'Lea Stein Jewelry', page 23.
objet Modern combs, Léa Stein style Known as "the most notable and innovative designer of plastic jewelry of the 20th century", Léa Stein influenced a lot of artist designers, like on these two pieces really similar to her creations.
objet Lea Stein 3-D fox haircomb (4) The most famous Lea Stein's design is this 3-D fox with slanted eyes and looped tail. Produced in a wide range of colors and patterns, it is stuck here on a black haircomb.
objet Lea Stein haircomb, tortoise design Smal haircomb of special plastic effect, by the French Parisian designer Lea Stein. Her plastic jewellery was famous in the 1970's.
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objet Sandy Cole-Namaste plastic comb (4) Very nice grooming comb made of plastic with graphic effects. Signed Sandy Cole - NAMASTE, made in India. During the 1970s, Sandy Cole worked to get optical effects with fused layers of different plastics. She is the true follower of Lea Stein who opened the way.
objet Group of plastic combs Group of three combs, of special plastic with iridescent colors, very fashionable in the 70's. Lea Stein was the leader in this technique.
objet Plastic comb, fish pattern Similar to Lea Stein design, this side comb is made of laminated purple plastic, in the shape of a fish.
objet Red plastic hair comb Small red plastic comb, bird motif imitating the Lea Stein style.