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objet Binyeo Corean hairpin (3) From Corea, a modern hairpin called 'binyeo' with a lotus shaped top. The bud is made of coloured faux-cloisonné and plastic.
objet Korean Binyeo hairpin (3) Huge Binyeo hairstick with a dragon top, made of brass colored with red and gold painting. Can be worn in Korea for a wedding.
objet Korean "binyeo" hairpins (4) Two "binyeo" hairpins used today during traditional weddings (photo 4) Metal stick and enamelled decoration with bird and flower motifs.
objet Korean 'binyeo' hairpin, bird motif (4) Pipe shaped silver hairpin, decorated with birds and embellished with a bright red glass stone. It is called a "Binyeo" hairpin. In the past, this hairpin was ended with a dragon head and was called "yongjam".
objet Korean Binyeo hairpin (3) Traditional pipe shaped hairpin called BINYEO, of silver enriched with coral beads. Worn by the upper-class women, through their chignon. Matching EUJANGDO knife worn attached to the belt.
objet Chinese male hairpin (2) Silver hairpin for man. Jade top, symbol of virtue and high social rank. Could be a Korean "bi-nyeo", a hairpin for women.