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If you want to support us in our effort to continue and to help us to get more prestigious pieces (until now, Creative Museum has had no financial help) or if you want to increase the standing of a hair ornament you have by donating it to Creative Museum, please, let us know by writing us on the CONTACT form.


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Donation Louis Géraud. Ivory Coast
Donation Zhihua Yang. China
Donation Joce Barbier. Timor, Indonesia
Donation M.-R. Bourasseau. Ispahan, Iran
Donation J.-P. Courbebaisse. Gypsy, France
Donation Mr, Mrs Laguionnie. Kenya
Donation Armelle Laurent. Indonesia
Donation Jen Cruse. United Kingdom
Donation Svanaug Steines. Norway
Donation Zhihua Yang. China
Donation Elisabeth Audouin. Guyana
Donation Christiane Bodet. Indonesia
Donation Abilou Mjomkwet. Cameroon
Donation Gordon Turner-Walker. United Kingdom